The difference between a joiner and a carpenter & what to look for when hiring

The vast majority confuse joinery services and carpentry services as the same, yet there is a notable difference between the two. While carpentry can be attributed to general woodworking services, joinery incorporates more specific and skilled woodwork services to enhance private and business spaces. For instance, if you wish to remodel specifically spaces like a kitchen, lounge room and so on, you should contract a joiner.

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So, put simply, what is the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?

While a carpenter will typically work on smaller woodwork projects and will make direct fixes on-site, a joiner will typically construct timber products off-site, ‘joining’ wood in the workshop. For instance, joiners are often hired to craft and install various building frameworks and structures such as window and door frames, staircases, and structure beams for new buildings or home renovations, whereas carpenters typically repair these sorts of fixtures.

However, whether you are considering hiring a joiner or carpenter to install or repair a feature to your home, there are a few things that you should pay attention to to ensure that you get the best possible work from your contractor.

Experience matters in joinery

Other than the fact that this alone ensures ability and good workmanship, it’s also good to know to what extent they have been in the business and their range of specialization. Check reviews. Be aware of their past work to ensure you don’t hire an inexperienced joiner or capernter who has burned others before you.

You can also usually see their qualifications to guarantee a professional quality of joinery or other woodwork. Try different joiners! (Or carpenters.) All joiners have different experience so find out what they specialise in so you can go to them for that. For instance, at CAD Joinery we specialise in kitchen fittings, staircases, sash windows and a number of other windows, doors such as bifold doors and cabinets.

Notoriety of the Joiner

The reputation of the joiner is always a good starting point when trying to determine the skill of the joiner workforce. Again, check their reviews! It’s also good to keep an eye on their permit reports and whether they are enlisted to work in your area. With approval comes the learning that they have successfully achieved the appropriate mastery and qualification necessary for the joinery industry.

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Get suggestions

Online surveys, case studies and client testimonials on their website (and if possible, get in touch with a past customer are some unwatchable route for you to be certain of their method for functioning and their last work. Addressing building examiners in buildings where they have worked beforehand can also give you significant understanding if the joiners consistently meet the code prerequisites or not. You would likewise get advised about whether they purchase quality materials or not. These attributes should give you an understanding into whether they have the adequate joiners expertise or not.

Joinery Speed Versus Efficiency

Joinery work can be frustrating if not finished on time. Along these lines, it’s vital that the joiners your use have a good reputation for completing the work to the due date given. However, although efficient working is important, speed should not come at the expense of the standard of work. A clear discussion with your joiner to confirm what is expected in terms of deadlines should occur as early as possible during the hiring process.

Free Consultation

A free consultation with the joiner organisation should be available.  Most joinery organisations give a free consultation session to survey the property or assess the job, and communication to understand better your needs and desires. This meeting is important for you to gather your own impressions of the joiner and the work they will complete for you, and clarify any questions that you may have.

With these tips in mind you can never go wrong in your choice of joiner, and that way you can ensure your home or business receives quality joinery work that will last and continue to enhance your property for years to come!  

At CAD Joinery, we specialise in bespoke joinery arrangements, fashioning carpentry for many business, retail, and private spaces. To find out how we could help you with your joinery needs, contact our friendly team today.

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