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Bi-fold doors: How to choose your door and frame

Bi-fold doors are made from multiple types of materials with multiple designs and sizes, so choosing the right product is vital. You need to do so by considering the basic and advanced features of these doors. For instance, the most vital parts of bi-fold doors are the hinges, and aluminium hinges with steel screws provide a great combination for ensuring safety.

Below are some other features and factors that will help ensure you get the best product to suit your needs.

Basic Factors to Consider

  • You need to know the exact opening size in terms of width and height. Then you can decide whether the opening is inward or outward.
  • You can choose between left folding and right folding types of doors depending on your choice.
  • You need to know whether the brand is weather-resistant and tested to endure all types of conditions.
  • If you are choosing a glass door the frame should be strong enough to withstand shocks but light enough to push open. Normally bi-fold doors use very narrow strips of frame and hinges, hence a safer, stronger structure for a higher quality product.
  • The aluminum frames need to be thermally insulated. The inner part of the frame is layered with a thermal strut. Some manufacturers may add a fiber-like nylon to strengthen it. This increases the size of the frame a bit more but it is worth opting for such a frame as it prevents loss of energy significantly. The inner part of the frame should also be lined with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) rubber.

Manufacturer to Consider

  • While choosing the door manufacturer you should ensure a company with engineering background. Talk to the service engineer who visits your home for installation about your need and take the right specifications.
  • Ensure the material used conforms to current British standards.

Other parameters to Consider

  • Bi-fold doors range from two-door sets to multiple doors sets. Once the service engineer analyzes your need they will be able to suggest the best possible set for you.
  • Ensure the manufacturer gives you the guarantee /warranty for the door.
  • Rollers enable smooth opening and closing of doors. Choose steel rollers with rubber coating to ensure long life and scratch free operation.
  • Locking features at multiple points with protected gliders gives you control over the ventilation volume in your home.
  • Power coating for frames ensures rust-proof property.
  • The gaps between two doors depend on the standard size of hinges. One inch track at the top with mounted pivot bracket is considered to be safe and strong. Jamb brackets need to be of steel. Check with your engineer about the need for aligners. They are fastened to the hind side of the door panel. Check the quality of top and bottom pivots and ensure their safety factor.
  • Approximately 3mm gap at the top and 6mm at the sides should be provided for making the opening and closing of doors easy and fast.

Once you have taken these points into consideration you can get the best of bi-fold door and frame for your home.  We hope you find the right door for you!

We design, build and install bespoke bi-fold doors to Oxford, Witney and the surrounding Oxfordshire area so if you are interested in finding out more about which bi-fold door option might work for you, visit our bi-fold doors page for more information. Or contact us for a quick, no-hassle chat on 01865 303 077!


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