5 reasons why you should consider bespoke joinery over ready-made furnishing

As soon as the word ‘bespoke’ is included in a product or service, the thought ‘expensive’ nearly always accompanies it, particularly when it comes to anything to do with building or interiors, not least to mention craftsmanship.

Joinery is the craft of building things – doors, cabinets, stairs etc. – by joining pieces of wood. Joinery and carpentry can involve some overlapping skills but they differ in that a carpenter installs the joiner’s product, rather than actually builds it. The joiner concerns themselves with detailed, aesthetically pleasing and often bespoke work.

So why would you consider hiring a joiner, rather than purchasing a ready-made item?

You get made to measure items

When you commission a bespoke joinery project what you need can be made to measure and fit perfectly in your home or garden.

We all have those awkward spaces in our homes that, no matter what we try, always end up seeming like a waste of perfectly good space. Bespoke joinery can help you get the most out of what you have, utilising every nook and cranny and maximising space to ensure that your home really works for you.

Experience of products that will compliment your home

It’s all too often that you see potentially beautiful homes with which past occupiers have cut corners, or not fully appreciated the original craftsmanship that went into the building when redecorating.

Joiners are expert craftsmen who have studied a trade used for hundreds of years, so if you’re looking to restore your house to its former glory by installing a traditional staircase, or want to add built in cupboards in a style that is sympathetic to the period of the entire building – bespoke joinery is the perfect answer for achieving this.

You can also add furnishings to complement or improve other home features. For instance, joiners can create elegant casements around fire stoves or bespoke furnishings to hide and transform ugly pipes or wires into stunning interior design pieces – something you can’t buy on the market and will help make your home truly your own.

Unique pieces and design

As fashionable and cost effective as some ready-made furniture are, unless it is bespoke you can guarantee the same piece is sitting in somebody else’s house somewhere. One of the great things about bespoke joinery is that you not only get something that fits your home perfectly – it is also completely unique.

Joinery ideas for those lost and bewildered in the sea of décor choices

You also might want your kitchen cabinets to look a certain way, or your fitted wardrobes to be particularly ornate but you simply cannot find quite what you’re after. If this sounds familiar, then bespoke joinery is the way to go, as joiners have a great eye for what you’ll need. Just describe your ideas and let them do what they do best!

One time investment

Bespoke joinery might not be the cheapest option for your solution, but because of the made to measure and custom work involved it is likely to be a one-time investment.

Bespoke joinery is designed to last not just due to its quality and expert craftsmanship but also because of the style and utility it can provide. You are likely to spend a lot more on ready-made items over the years than on your one-off, bespoke joinery commission.

You might even see an increase in the value of your property since prospective buyers will be attracted to the maximised space, extra storage options and custom craftsmanship – you may even see a return on your investment!



Bespoke joinery can completely transform your home and garden in a way that’s entirely unique to you – why not have a look at our gallery for inspiration for your next project!

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